Nightingale, Balham Wed, Apr 05 2017 20:00

Gone In 20 Seconds

Michael B

There was a very high standard of quizzing at The Nightingale this evening, with a three-way tie for second place on 43 points and a famous victory for 'Quizzie McGuire' (admittedly, the name needs work) on a whopping 45 big ones. The undoubted highlight, however, was the jackpot round, with 'My Grandma's A Great Thief, You Should See Her Snatch' (yeah, THAT name needs work too) winning 20 seconds behind the bar. No spirits, no wine, no prizing open the till with a dessert spoon, but as much beer as you can pour in the allotted time. How much beer can one quizzer pour in only 20 seconds, I hear you ask? Rather a lot, as it turns out. I hope you don't have early starts tomorrow, lads?

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