Nightingale, Balham Wed, Aug 31 2016 20:00

Gone In Twenty Seconds

Michael B

What a fun night at The Nightingale. Some quizzes come and go, others linger a little longer in the memory. This was a good un'. Four things stood out for me ...

  1. The gentleman who (albeit quite politely) argued that last week the quiz only cost one pound to enter, not two.
    "No, no. It's always been two pounds."
    "The guy last week only charged one quid."
    "Nope, that was me. Definitely two pounds."
    "But it used to be one."
    "Like I said, pre-tty sure it's always been two."
    "Well, all I know is it was one pound last week ..."
    And so it continued (repeat to fade) ... you have to laugh etc.

  2. The audio round. People love it and this was a particularly excellent one. Portishead mashed-up with Blondie? Yes, please. Forget the quiz, some teams wanted it played again just because it sounded great. I willingly obliged.

  3. The team that thought the Saint whose name was given to a revolving firework was "Saint Wheel". There are no words. Well actually, there's one word. Catherine.

  4. The Jackpot Round. The main jackpot of £400 wasn't won tonight - we're now down to just five envelopes. Instead, The Wikipedia Files won arguably an even greater prize - 20 golden, joyous seconds behind The Nightingale bar. Over six pitchers of beer later, I sense they considered it a job well done.

See you next week.

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