Nightingale, Balham Wed, Feb 01 2017 20:00

'Green Card Holders' Hold All The Cards

Michael B

Fellow quizzers were green with envy as 'Green Card Holders' trumped (pun intended) the opposition with a distinctly un-fake 46 points. If it hadn't been for the point deduction for one extra player, 'Quizlamic State' would have forced a tiebreaker, but as it was, tonight's champs made it a highly impressive trio of victories in 2017. Our runners-up could at least drown any sorrows with a seventh of a bottle of house wine each (their prize for second place). Better was to come, however, as they then won the jackpot round and claimed ... a second bottle of house wine. That's TWO sevenths of a bottle per person ... slow down, chaps, it's a school night. The salty bar snacks went to 'Dump Trump' - rumblings at Question One HQ that they plumped for the Mini Cheddars in honour of President Trump's skin tone remain unsubstantiated.

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