Nightingale, Balham Wed, Nov 25 2015 20:00

In Brains We Trust

Michael B

It was a case of "lucky for some" tonight at The Nightingale, as Brains Trust selected envelope 13 in the jackpot round, winning an impressive £160 in the process. This only moments after one of the team had declared, "how are we supposed to win the money when there are this many envelopes to choose from?" Oh ye of little faith ...

In the main quiz, Zebrafish and Chips continued their excellent recent form, romping home by a massive 7 points - that's now 2 wins out of 4 quizzes for this evening's champs. Another of our regular top performers, Leaky Pants, were unable to retain last week's crown, but did go home with the bottle of wine for second place. I also witnessed first-hand how much they enjoyed spending last week's £40 bar tab. But that's another story ...

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