Nightingale, Balham Wed, Jul 04 2018 20:00

Jackpot Joy for The "McLaney"!

Victoria S

What a week! Well despite the footy, tennis, hailstones, we had 8 gorgeous teams in tonight, all with their eye on the must-be-won Jackpot... But first the quiz! We had a brain-busting week of riddles, emoji tubes, more titanic and Simpsons trivia with a game of Monopoly. With "Captain Bligh's Mutineers" pipping "No Hope Of Figuring It Out" to the number 1 spot, winning the £40 bar tab and the bonus drinks round too!! "No Hope Of Figuring It Out" were happy with their bottle of red... But not as happy as "McLaney"s' who answered the closest to the Jackpot question. They chose envelope number 15 where the £500 had been hiding all along! Runners-up "Dave's Dream Team" didn't go home empty-handed though, they won a £20 bar tab, so many happy bunnies tonight! We reset the Jackpot next week... Let's see if England are as lucky as "McLaney" on Saturday!

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