Nightingale, Balham Wed, Oct 11 2017 20:00

Jo Jo Go Loco

Michael B

After a week's absence due to coughing, spluttering and general voice-losing (first person to say 'man flu' is off my Christmas card list), I was back at The Nightingale with a vengeance and ready to give away the £600 jackpot ... what do you mean it was won last week? Oh. Right. Fine. REALLY?! Well, the show must go on. I'm not bitter ... much.

And thus, we had 55 players spread over 14 teams with newbies 'Joey Jo Jo Shabadoo Jr' (that's easy for you to say) making the perfect debut with 38 points and quiz glory duly secured. The bottle of house plonk went to 'Friends of Dorothy', whilst 'Crusty Jugglers' provided the calm after last week's jackpot-infused storm by claiming not £600 ... not £6.00 ... but a packet of crisps. I've never split a packet of crisps six ways before - do let me know how you get on ...

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