Nightingale, Balham Wed, Jun 15 2016 20:00

Lightning (Crew) Strikes Twice in the same place

Michael B

They say lightning never strikes twice, but "they" clearly weren't at The Nightingale last night to see the mighty/jammy (delete as appropriate) 'Lightning Crew' win their second jackpot kitty. Second?! That's right. A matter of months after scooping a whopping £645, they claimed a more modest yet still magnificent £195. What's their secret, I hear you yell enviously? Well, I'd say it's a pleasing combination of intelligence (moderate), luck (vast) and sheer persistence. 'Lightning Crew' are one of our most loyal and popular teams. Sometimes they win, more often than not, they go home empty-handed, but they come every single week and always have smiles on their faces and springs in their steps. So here's to you, 'Lightning Crew' (I'm raising a cup of tea as I type one-handed) - it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. I hear they (the six core members) are going to put their total jackpot winnings towards a team weekend in Morocco. How good is that?!

Think on't, quizzers. Next time, it could be YOU!

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