Nightingale, Balham Wed, Oct 28 2015 20:00

Mike Rocks The Mic

Michael B

It's happened. It's finally happened. Deep breaths and count to three, people. So ... The Nightingale quiz finally has a microphone! Pardon my strained QM vocal chords as they jump for joy. We all fear change sometimes, but the regulars seemed to give Mike's mic the thumbs up, so this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Tonight, The Nightingale joined forces with their chosen charity, The Wandsworth Carers Centre, with all proceeds going to the aforementioned. Doing our bit, Question One hosted the half-time raffle draw, with winning tickets being drawn by the centre's very own Mademoiselle Clemence. All was going swimmingly until it was time for her to draw the main prize of a £100 food and drink voucher, which went to ticket number 94. Who was the proud owner of ticket number 94? Yup, that would be Clemence. Awk-ward! I'm saying nothing, yer Honour ... (to be fair, she couldn't have been more embarrassed and had to be persuaded not to draw another ticket!)

In the quiz itself, the spoils went to regulars The Shits who won by a very impressive 9 points as they romped home with a whopping 41 big ones. Universally Challenged not only won the packet of crisps for coming second-to-last overall, but they then earned a pitcher of beer in our quiz jackpot draw. Good thing Clemence wasn't drawing the envelopes, I reckon ...

Finally, a massive thank you to Question One's very own Jason for sacrificing his one night off to come down and set up the new microphone and speaker system. His expert knob-twiddling was very much appreciated.

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