Nightingale, Balham Wed, Aug 23 2017 20:00

No Ketchup Clean Up

Michael B

There was no catching up with 'No Ketchup' as this saucy quizzing sextet stormed to victory in the main event this evening, before successfully negotiating a Jackpot tie-breaker to claim the infamous Nightingale Baked Camembert. Do you want ketchup with that? Say cheeeeese!

Elsewhere, there was controversy over the absence of the ever-popular cryptic tube stations question and a heated debate as to whether "wait for nobody" is or is NOT a well-known phrase in the catchphrase question.

The packet of crisps (aka 'Sympathy Snack') went to 'Game of Hoes', whilst the runners-up bottle of wine went to 'Brucie's Play Your Corpse Right' (too soon, I feel). Good game, good game. Enjoy your wine, your wine enjoy ... etc.

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