Nightingale, Balham Wed, Nov 23 2016 20:00

Phil Is No Longer Captain ... But Is Champion

Michael B

I know I say it most weeks, but this was a good 'un. What a night! We had players visiting from Missouri and Boston (for a family Thanksgiving dinner rather than the quiz, but still ...). We also had South West London's Equity reps - a team of actors who didn't know that 'odeon' is Greek for 'theatre'. Awkward. (Exit stage right.) But the highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the surprise first victory for 'Phil Is No Longer Captain' - a team for whom the taking part always seemed more important than the winning. A team who routinely used to claim the packet of crisps/Mini Cheddars for finishing second-last. The team that so memorably thought that the patron Saint lending their name to a type of firework was not Saint Catherine, but Saint Wheel. Yes that team, THAT team won tonight's quiz! They truly are the Leicester City of The Nightingale quiz. The feel good tale of this or any other year. The glory and a £40 bar tab is theirs. That's a lot of Mini Cheddars ...

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