Nightingale, Balham Wed, Aug 24 2016 20:00

Quizticular Answer Are The Nuts

Michael B

Man, it was hot tonight at The Nightingale. Too hot to quiz? Never. Just hot enough to quiz, more like. Sweaty, ruddy-cheeked fact-hunters cheering and groaning in equal measure. Just how we like it here at Question One HQ ...
Top dogs tonight were 'Quizticular Answer' - tasteless name, but a more than tasteful winning score of 44 points. 'Sweaty Mess' (I feel your pain) were hopefully able to cool down with their bottle of wine for finishing second, whilst 'Gary The Ghost' were pleasantly spooked (one imagines) to win a packet of crisps in the Jackpot Round. It's not like they had their hearts set on the £375 cash prize which rolls over to next week or anything ...

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Quizticular Answer
Sweaty Mess
Gary The Ghost
Elvis Costello's Dad
No Leaky Pants