Nightingale, Balham Wed, Mar 22 2017 20:00

Return Of The Native

Michael B

It was great to be back at my spiritual quiz home, The Nightingale, after three weeks away on officially unofficial paternity leave. A few changes, I see - the £450 jackpot was won last week; there are now not one but two audio questions (always a winner); and we had FIVE new teams. Welcome all, I hope my return to the comfy quiz saddle won't drive you away. I don't (often) bite ... unless provoked ... or I catch you using your mobile.

The rain showers outside failed to dampen spirits inside, as semi-regulars 'Chippymonks' at long last tasted victory after many long, painful years of "close but no cigar". They pipped 'Pub Jizz' by a single point, a team composed of five humans and two dogs - I resisted the temptation to dock a point for having an extra player. See? I'm just a big softie - fatherhood will do that to a man.

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