Nightingale, Balham Wed, Apr 13 2016 20:00

So Long, Leaky Pants ...

Michael B

Tonight, we said adios/au revoir/auf wiedersehen/smell you later (delete as appropriate) to one of The Nightingale's most loyal and supportive teams, 'Leaky Pants'. They're off to pastures new - in the form of impending parenthood and home ownership across town - but will be much missed.

As it goes, (and utterly legitimately, I promise) they ended on a high, though it could have been even higher. After pipping 'Four Play' to the victory post in a tie-breaker, 'Leaky Pants' then also won the jackpot round with their intimate knowledge of the French knitting world record. Their final act at The Nightingale quiz - their last hurrah before dropping the mic and exiting stage right - was to open envelope number seven to reveal ... nothing. No Hollywood ending for the departing team, but hopefully we'll see you again some day, 'Leaky Pants'. After all, that £40 bar tab for first place isn't going to spend itself ...

For the rest of you, provided you're not moving to Surbiton and having a baby, I'll see you next week!

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