Nightingale, Balham Wed, Apr 06 2016 20:00

The Sloth-gate Scandal

Michael B

Before every Question One quiz, I make the same pithy (and by now, presumably a little tired) quip as part of my pre-amble: "My answers are final ... not necessarily correct ... but most certainly final." Oh, how they used to laugh ...

Anyway, one common misconception is that the quizmasters actually write their quizzes. We don't. Sure, we tweak them from time to time. We shape them and make them our own where appropriate - a gag here, a substituted current affairs question there - but (and I repeat for added emphasis) we don't write our quizzes.

As a result, I was no better placed this evening than the average man/woman on the street to discuss the differences (or lack thereof) between the two-toed and three-toed sloth. This was the crux of Q20 in tonight's quiz - a picture question, no less. Some quizzers counted the toes on display, whilst others felt that this was a moot point. A sloth's a sloth, right? Or is it?

Well, my answer sheet said, "Three-toed sloth" and I refer you back to my once rib-tickling intro: "My answers are final ..."

Luckily, tonight's winners, "That Money Was Only Resting In My Account" - who had felt particularly hard done by following the afore-mentioned Sloth-gate Scandal - managed to ace the tough second half of the quiz to romp to victory with 37 points.

In the jackpot round, "Lightning Crew" followed up their epoch-defining £645 win a fortnight ago with a slightly more modest packet of peanuts. Peanuts, of course, a particular favourite of the three-toed sloth ... or is it the two-toed sloth? Give me a second ...

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