Nightingale, Balham Wed, Mar 09 2016 20:00

Two Whom It May Concern ...

Michael B

Two was tonight's magic number at The Nightingale. Two teams tied for second-last and the legendary prize of a packet of crisps. Two teams tied for second place and the bottle of house wine. Two teams brought their dogs (free entry for canines). Two teams brought their babies (cute, but lacking in trivia knowledge as it turns out). And, after two halves of well-natured but high-intensity quizzing, only two envelopes stood between 'Bad Parents' (yup, one of the two teams to bring along their cherubic first-born) and the £575 jackpot prize.

It was meant to be. They were saving for their wedding in the summer. They were lovely, smiley first time quizzers.

I really wanted them to pick the correct envelope. The pub really wanted them to pick the correct envelope. Even Nightingale head honcho George really wanted them to pick the correct envelope.

So, did they pick the correct envelope ...?

Everyone likes a cliffhanger. Cue the Eastenders drums ...

Let's just say: same time, same place, next week. And the jackpot now stands at £600 (sniff).

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