Nightingale, Balham Wed, Apr 12 2017 20:00

Who Won? Answers On A Postcard ...

Michael B

Okay. Confession time. Sometimes when a team wins, they like to keep their answer sheet as a kind of memento (or perhaps to test their friends/family/complete strangers on the tube). Anyway, tonight's champions did just that, which would normally be fine, except that I forgot to note down their team name. So ... mysterious nameless quiz champions ... tonight's worth winners - and only a two person team finishing on an almighty 44 points, I hasten to add - this ... THIS is/should have been (delete as appropriate) your moment of glory. Whoever you are ... whenever we may see you again ... heartfelt congratulations and even more heartfelt apologies. You deserve better and I, on the other hand, deserve a slap.

Name-based dramas aside, it was a tremendous night at The Nightingale, with a 2017 record-high attendance of 79 players spread over 18 teams, seven of which (or is it whom?) broke the hallowed 40 point barrier. 'Where's Clare?' claimed the jackpot prize of a packet of nuts, meaning another rollover, and a tasty cash jackpot total of over £300 next week. You'd be ... ahem ... NUTS to miss it ...

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