Nightingale, Balham Wed, Mar 29 2017 20:00

Would The Real Steve Coogan Please Stand Up?

Michael B

There was a tremendously high standard of quizzing at The Nightingale tonight as five teams reached the hallowed 40 point mark. Of course, there could only be one winner, so take a bow 'Tryouts For The Human Race' - the bragging rights are yours for the next seven days at the very least. What a night we had, eh quizzers? The TV themes audio round was a particular highlight (who can resist the 'Cheers' theme tune?). I also enjoyed one team of burly 40-something blokes giving me a detailed biography of Geri Halliwell. Less of a highlight (though quite amusing) was the following exchange regarding the 50/50 Face Split question:
Quizzer: "It's Steve Coogan."
Me: "Nope, I'm afraid it's Holly Johnson."
Quizzer: "No, it's definitely Steve Coogan."
Me: "I actually gave a clue. I said it was an 80's popstar."
Quizzer: "I think it's Steve Coogan."
Me: "No. Sorry."
Quizzer: "Well ... he looks like Steve Coogan."
Me: "He does a bit."
Quizzer: "Do I get a half point for Steve Coogan."
Me: (eerie silence)

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