Northcote, Battersea Sun, Jul 03 2016 19:30

France versus Iceland proves to be a game of two halves.

Mark W

Even in defeat Iceland played a respectful game here tonight at the Northcote. Coincidentally there was also a football match on, but that's not important; I'm talking about the quiz.

A couple of substitutions at half time. Firstly France changed their name to "France" from "We Got Here First" when they realised their opponents were called "Iceland", and Iceland signed two new players to positive effect, matching France in not only numbers but also in points scored. However matching France was not enough to remove France's half time lead of two points, and defeat had to be nobly conceded.

France left with everything to celebrate, but Iceland with nothing to be ashamed of. That's often how it is in quizzes when there are two teams but only one can win, it all comes down to the number of points scored... er... no I won't bother with that sort of commentary - I'll leave that to the football pundits.

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