Northcote, Battersea Sun, Sep 13 2015 19:30

New Teams & Great Names

George C

We had all new teams tonight and they had some hilarious names! There were the 'Pun Nuns'(a play on the Jamaican word punarney) and 'Corbyn Laden'. They were a rowdy bunch but such good fun and 'No One Likes a Loud Winner' were in a war of banter with the 'Pun Nuns'! In the end we had a tie break between 'Quiztopher Robin' and 'No One Likes A Loud Winner' and 'Quiztopher Robin' came out on top and win the second to last bottle of wine prize.

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Top Teams
Corbin Laden
Quiztopher Robin
No One Likes A Loud Winner
Pun Nuns