Northcote, Battersea Sun, May 14 2017 19:30

The worst pun is sometimes the best pun.

Jonathan H

Not 'Queen Quizabeth'. Not even 'Queen Equizabeth'. But 'Queen Quizlizabeth'.

Short of 'Quiz Elizabeth' or maybe 'Queen Elizabethquiz', that is the worst possible version of what is already a terrible pun. And I should know. I've seen 'em all.

Quiztal Maze
Quizzie Rascal
Quiz on my face
Izzie wizzie let's get Quizzie
Quiztina Aguilera

The list goes on. But 'Queen Quizlizabeth ' is a new low. But the best thing about runs? The worse they are, the better. And as if to prove my point, 'Quizlizabeth' went home winners.

I look forward to great things, and more terrible puns, from these three in coming weeks...

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