Old Pack Horse, Chiswick Wed, Oct 04 2017 20:00


Jonny G

Just two teams competed today at the Old Pack Horse, but what teams they were! At the end of the first round the scores were close. 17 points were earned by the combined brain power of Vodaclones, but this didn't stop their heels being nipped by the smaller, but powerful That's Not My Bed...

In the second round the question 'Bewick, Black and Whooper are all kids of what?' posed a challenge to both teams, forcing them into the realm of the educated guess. Vodaclones and That's not My Bed... both answered 'Birds' (the more correct answer is 'Swans') and in a shocking turn of events decided to mark their opponent correct, bellowing the revolutionary slogan 'Who cares what the Quiz Master says!'

Mutiny aside, a good time was had by all, with Vodaclones winning a narrow victory. Furthermore, due to a technicality in the prize rules, both earned free booze from the bar. Hurrah!

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