Old Pack Horse, Chiswick Wed, Aug 22 2018 20:00

Would It Be Too Predictable to Use a 'Quizzick' Related Pun?

Celia L

A pleasure to be back on home turf quizzing in the West with The Old Pack Horse in Chiswick, and lovely to see so many familiar faces.

Returning team “Too Many Cooks” brought reinforcements and came to conquer this evening, coming out with an almost perfect score!!! Utter Quizzardry and very well deserved. These guys are professionals now.

Commiserations to “Intratone UK” who gained access to the winner’s circle tonight for the chance to win the jackpot rollover, but unfortunately were stumped by two fours in a row! Rotten luck! But they came second to last and won a bottle of wine to drown their sorrows at losing out on the cash - still a win to me!!!

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