Owl and Pussycat, Shoreditch Tue, Sep 11 2018 20:00

"I Know Nothing" Was Suspect

Edward D

For it seemed they knew everything and won! Even after the last minute query from "Cravable AF" gaining them tied status, "I Know Nothing" successfully parred them off clinching the win on the closest to question.

But all was not over! The jackpot was still to be won...

All teams had a good crack at what Shaquille O'Neal shoe size is. However, it was in the Omans, with the two in the corner, "Ansari Quesease", guessing 22. ON THE DOT! Sadly the visitors from Canada did not win higher or lower, and so the jackpot rolls over to next week.

Who will claim it and many other prizes? Come by next week and find out for yourself! It might be you...

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