Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Jan 29 2018 19:00

A Fantastic Night At A Fine Establishment πŸ˜€

Josh H

We had a packed evening this week in Bloomsbury with 'Epic Skillz' making a winning return after taking top spot a fortnight ago. It was very tight at half time but after a superior second half they took home the bacon.

'Team Zeus' and 'Quizteama Aguilera' tied in second, 'Gosh Badgers' came in fourth leaving last week's winners 'Tit's McGee' in fifth this week and 'Quiz On Your Face' in sixth.

'We Thought This Was Speed Dating' couldn't win the wine for a second week running as they did too well this time. 'Second To Last' won it this time for coming in second to last as their name predicted and 'GOSH Pelicans' came closest in the jackpot quiz and despite picking the wrong card still won our new mystery magic trick prize.

The jackpot now stands at Β£439 so come next Monday for a chance to take home the huge cash prize.

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Top Teams
Epic Skillz
Team Zeus
Quizteama Aguilera
GOSH Badgers
T*t's McGee
Quiz On Your Face
We Thought This Was Speed Dating
Second To Last
GOSH Pelicans