Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Sep 24 2018 19:00

A Tight Squeeze Indeed!

Josh H

We crammed all our teams into the upstairs room at The Perseverance this week and we were full to the brim.

The quiz was convincingly won by the aptly named 🥇"A Tight Squeeze"🥇 who led by a point in the first half and consolidated their position by the end of the second.

Yet again there were some fantastic entries in the creative round this week which was won by Seray from 🥂"Even Less Knowledge Lab"🥂 for her fantastic and funny artwork. The bonus points helped them into second to last place, winning a bottle of wine in the process.

"The Hugonauts" won both the free drinks in the rock, paper, scissors showdown and "Inner City Sumo" couldn't find the joker to win the jackpot so it rolls over to next week and now stands at £138.

Join us next time for your chance to win a load of top prizes. 😀

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