Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Feb 05 2018 19:00

🥇GOSH Badgers🥇 Top The Table

Josh H

After a solid first quiz 'GOSH Badgers' weren't going to settle for anything other than the top spot this time around and knew a lot of the answers which definitely helped 😀. They also won all the bonus points available for our paper plane competition with not only the best looking plane but also the best flyer.

Last week's winners 🍷'Epic Skillz'🍷took the wine home this time, after just being pipped to the post in the race for second place by 'Team Zeus' who had another chance to win the cash jackpot but the joker eluded them yet again meaning were now up to £458 which could be won next Monday...

'Second To Last' couldn't repeat their final position prediction this time around but will get another chance next Monday. 😀

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