Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Jun 11 2018 19:00

💲Jackpot Won!💲

Josh H

A highly competitive quiz at The Draft House ended in a three way tie before the creative round results came in.
'Quiz Akabusi', 'T*t's McGee' and 'Marcia's Minions' all finished on 31.5 points apiece.

'Marcia's Minions' however came up with the winning artwork pushing them ahead of the pack into top spot!

We then had a winning result in the jackpot question after 'No Quarter' came closest to and then found the joker in the pack, winning them £60.50 cash in hand. Not bad for a Monday night at the pub.

Do get involved next week. It's a bloody good night! 😀

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Marcia's Minions
T*t's McGee
Quiz Akabusi
No Quarter
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