Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Oct 30 2017 19:00

Keith's Play-Dough Play-Off Pay's Off

Josh H

Another tightly fought quiz was decided by Keith's Creative Round Play-Dough Play-off which was all that separated our top two teams this week.

'Team Name' took the bonus points for their multiple troll creations much to the dismay of 'Team Zeus' who were astounded their effort wasn't deemed worthy of top spot. (You can judge for yourself from the photos!).

Luckily, I always pass the buck when it comes to judging the creative round so I can't be accused of impartiality in the process.

'Tit's McGee' took home the bottle of wine for second last but as were only a couple of points off the top spot in a tightly fought contest.

'American Discretion 😉' only had half of their normal numbers this time but still managed to put in a great performance.

The jackpot keeps growing and now stands at £280 cash so there's lots to play for next Monday night. Hope you can make it! 🃏

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Top Teams
Team Name
Team Zeus
T*t's McGee
American Discretion 😉