Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Sep 25 2017 19:00

King Jong UnBeatable Live Up To Their Name!

Josh H

An intimate night at The Perseverance led to a very close quiz with one of our new teams - Kim Jung Un-Beatable snatching victory out of the hands of our regulars Team Zeus by just a point, scoring thirty eight out of the forty five points available.
It was lovely to see some new faces and the Danish latecomers The Vikings did a great job in securing the much coveted bottle of house wine by finishing second last.
It was also great having our two new American teams who tied in third place and our couple, Jon Snow Loves His Family nearly took home the jackpot (now standing at £145!). American Discretion 😉made the most beautiful plane while Zeus's Team's plane flew the fastest!
Special shouts to Leeds Leeds Leeds our one man team who did a fantastic job on his own and The Dynamic Trio who were a duo until our local lovely Louise joined their team.
Hope to see you you all next week. 😀

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