Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Oct 15 2018 19:00

πŸ₯‡ "None Of Your Quizness" πŸ₯‡ Do The Business! πŸ’°

Josh H

What a quiz and what a lovely evening! We are building up a few regular teams now at The Perseverance and it's always great fun and highly competitive with four different winners over the last four weeks!
This week it was time for πŸ₯‡ "None Of Your Quizness" πŸ₯‡ to take the honours after a towering performance. They came so close last week as it went down to a tie break decider and just missed out but there was no stopping them this time around!
The creative round this week was to imagine Meghan Markle was having an illegitimate love child with another outrageous celebrity and then draw the family once the baby was born. Needless to say we had some hilarious results that you can see in the pics below. The winning pic came from πŸ₯‚ "AEA" πŸ₯‚ for their Kim Jong-Un inspired entry. They also won the bottle of wine for coming in second to last... Second place in the creative round went to "Marys Sunny Bird Box" for their choice of Mr Blobby and their great drawing!
Next week the jackpot could be yours and is now up to a tidy Β£228 cash in hand. Hope to see you there!

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