Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Feb 26 2018 19:00

Phew, That Was Tense!

Jodyanne F

'Halal! Is It Me You're Looking For?' sipped the absinthe to take the first bonus drink whilst 'Tits McGee' lay down in a bed of roses to take the second. After the break it was the bonus point challenges with 'Zeus' proving themselves the top guns in the paper plane challenge and 'Graham's Girls' coming up 'supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' in taking the anagram point.
At the end of the evening the top prize £50 bar tab was awarded to 'Tits McGee' with the second to last place bonus house wine going to 'Halal! Is It Me You're Looking For?' - the perfect leaving present.

It was then open to all for the jackpot challenge. The rally cry of the Sons of Liberty went out to be answered in a draw between 'The Magnificent 7 (less 5)' and 'Zeus'. Their cards were chosen but not flipped as the slow reveal began. The tension was palpable as it became clear that one of the two had their finger on the jackpot. A countdown from three to the final reveal had the whole room on their feet. Drum roll please. And the winner is...
'The Magnificent 7 (less 5)'! £506 richer for their beginners luck!
Everyone feared room 101, knew when that would do, and the reanimated lady but only 'Zeus' knew the one who used live in the zone of the boys.
A whole new jackpot is already accumulating for next week. Do you feel lucky?:)

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