Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Nov 13 2017 19:00

'Quizteama Aguilera' Take The Glory

Josh H

A new team '👑Quizteama Aguilera👑' just edged a narrow victory this week at The Perseverance after a cracking second half display.

'Tit's McGee' were only a point behind after winning the creative round but their bonus points weren't enough to hit top spot.

'Sushi Meow' were back this week and did a great job coming in third.

'American Discretion 😉' almost won the wine again but it was '🥂Les Quizerables🥂' who took home the bottle after their creative effort pushed them into second last place.

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Quizteama Aguilera
T*t's McGee
Sushi Meow
Les Quizerables
American Discretion 😉