Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, May 21 2018 19:00

💰💷T*t's McGee Hit The £215 Cash Jackpot!! 💷💰

Josh H

The Perseverance was buzzing last night. After weeks of close calls, the jackpot was finally won and it couldn't have gone to a more deserving team.

🥇T*ts McGee🥇 have been regulars since we started and this week doubled up by firstly winning the quiz and then correctly guessing the exact answers to not one but two 'closest to' questions which earned them the right to choose one card out of seven.

To win the big cash prize they needed to find the joker and sure enough, they succeeded this time around and found themselves walking away with a £50 bar tab, £215 cash in hand and huge smiles on their faces. A great night's work!

'Turkey Quizzlers' won the house wine at their first attempt as well as bagging the bonus points for the creative round.

'The Hugonauts' came a close second but couldn't quite match their win last time out while 'Ethans Team' were lots of fun throughout and weren't too far off the winning score despite coming in fourth.

Could the jackpot be won two quizzes in a row? We'll find out in two weeks after a break next Monday for the bank holiday. Don't miss it! 😀

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