Perseverance, Bloomsbury Mon, Apr 30 2018 19:00

🥇United Nations🥇Soar Into Top Spot! 🛩️

Josh H

Tonight's quiz went right down to the wire and the newbies 🥇United Nations🥇 flew into the lead by a whisker, right at the end after a thrilling finish!

After the quiz was marked 🥂Tit's McGee 🥂 were in the lead by two clear points. However, we still hadn't marked the creative round which this week was a paper aeroplane competition. With two bonus points on offer for the best flyer and one bonus point up for grabs for the best decorated plane.

First up we had the fly off... With three planes each to fly, it was tense but 🥇United Nations🥇 Took the two points needed to bring them level.

Secondly the decorative bonus point was up for judgement (you can judge for yourselves from the photos below!) and 🥇United Nations🥇 only went and won that too, pushing the favourites 🥂T*t's McGee🥂 into second place. It wasn't all doom and gloom for them though as this week it meant they won the bottle of house wine up for grabs.

Last week's winners 🍺The Hugonauts🍺 were pushed into third and last place, probably due to their smaller team numbers this time around but could console themselves with one of the free drinks on offer in our mid half RPS showdown.

The jackpot is still rolling and now stands at a whopping £186 cash in hand to the first team to find the joker in the pack (which is now down to only 8 cards). The Perseverance is closed for both the Monday Bank Holidays this month so we will be next quizzing on the 14th May. Get down for your chance to claim some of the many prizes on offer at this lovely pub. 😁

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