Phoenix, Clapham Mon, Nov 30 2015 20:00

A very 'Beery' evening with a dab of Norfolk wine

Jason T

It was the Phoenix's two Beer titled teams that fought it out for top spot at this week's quiz. 'Beerview Mirrors' secured £68 of cash with a three point lead at the end of the second half. Their main rivals, 'Beer No Evil' were already up against a 2 point handicap for having won two weeks in a row. Competition was stiff at the other end of the scale too where wine is awarded for second-to-last. This honour went to a delightful team of Americans who proved their pedigree by being able to name the two US states that end in the letter 'T'. Can you? Have a go every Monday at this popular Clapham / Stockwell quiz where we know how to have fun!

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