Phoenix, Clapham Mon, Nov 02 2015 20:00

Beer No Evil prove it wasn't beginners luck!

Jason T

Well they did it again! 'Beer No Evil' triumphed for a second week in a row despite being handicapped by a point due to last week's win. Their hands will be tied further next week, but this new team at the Phoenix has at least proven that it wasn't just about beginners luck. This meant that Beerview Mirrors, who are London's reigning Genius League pub quiz team took another week off from top spot. There was stiff competition, as always, for the wine at second-to-last though in the second half, a team of two (Pussy Riot Club) seized this particular trophy. A new team of Sheffield girls called 'Gravy for All' seemed rather pleased to get first choice of the sweets selection for coming last. Well done on a happy night for all at this fun Monday evening quiz event in Stockwell.

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