Phoenix, Clapham Mon, Dec 21 2015 20:00

'Beerview Mirrors' and 'Three Wise men...needed...'are highlights of the Christmas quiz

Jason T

We had a fun, more intimate quiz only a couple of days before Christmas at the Phoenix. 'Beerview Mirrors' triumphed at the end of both rounds while 'Team Win' aptly changed their name to 'Team Wine' when they managed to secure wine position (second-to-last') at the end of each round.. 'Trust me, I'm a stomach' did extraordinarily well to come in second....while the 'Three Wise Men...needed' proved that it's still the 'taking part' that matters! We're back quizzing at full steam from Monday January looking forward to seeing you!

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Beerview Mirrors
Trust me, I'm a stomach
Team Wine
Three wise men...needed; Recruiting now