Phoenix, Clapham Mon, Dec 14 2015 20:00

Roller coaster ride for 'Team Team'

Jason T

It was a close-run contest, but top dogs at the end of the night were "Size Doesn't Matter" which scraped through by winning the bonus point for being the first team to solve the Osama Bin Laden anagram. The team simply known as 'Team Team' can be proud to have been the leading team at the end of the first half....but they must have relaxed a little too much by coming last in the second-half. Congratulations to 'Quizlamic State' that bagged the wine for coming second-to-last. See you every Monday at 8pm at this popular Stockwell Quiz Spot.

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Size Doesn't Matter
Power F**k x 1000
Crystal Phallus
Quiz****c State
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