Phoenix, Clapham Mon, Aug 08 2016 20:00

Shania Twain scores her first hit at the latest Phoenix Fact Hunt

Jason T

It was a well fought contest this week that saw new winners take the pot of £73 hard cash by securing a narrow one point lead over Agatha Quizteam. The other key prize of the wine for second-to-last was awarded to our cheeky guys called "I took a Quiz in Ibiza to show Quiz Tarrant I was Cool?" but a good time was had by all as sweets were awarded to all the other teams - owing to the fact that the quizmaster was in an even happier mood than normal! See you every Monday at this chillaxed fun place for a pub quiz at the Phoenix in Clapham!

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Shania Twain
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Nobody puts baby in the corner
I took a quiz to show Quiz Tarrant I was cool?
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