Pilgrim, Kennington Sun, Apr 14 2019 19:30

Play Your Cards Left

Danny M

Tonight I was reminded of that immortal line from Ghostbusters, in which Winston Zeddmore declares, "Ray! If somebody asks if you are a God, you say YES!" And so, when Luke from 'The Team Has No Name' stepped up to have a go at Play Your Cards Right for a jackpot of just shy of 200 smackers, the third card along was revealed to be an 8. Luke said the next card would be "higher." Higher, you say? Well, dear reader, the inevitable happened and the whopping jackpot is still intact and ready to be played for next week at this brilliant, friendly pub. Luke, if someone asks if the next card is higher or lower than an 8, you say LOWER! Happy quizzing at the Pilgrim!

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