Pilgrim, Kennington Sun, Jun 03 2018 19:30

Shiny Happy People at The Pilgrim!

Rita S

The battle was fierce and close this Sunday at The Pilgrim! Seven teams fought for £50 bar tab, a bottle of wine and a £95 jackpot. The winners were "Led Zeppelin should rename themselves to four losers", with stunning 35 points. The second to last prize for a bottle of wine created lots of excitement as two teams tied at 29 points: ultimately 'Cunning Stunts TM' prevailed over 'What was Emery thinking putting Walcott on that early'. The game overall was extremely close - all teams placed between 29 and 35 points, after all! Next week we'll have the Jackpot again, with £121 to win - come on down everyone, there is everything to play for!

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Top Teams
Led Zeppelin should rename themselves to 4 losers
We all live in a Brexit submarine
683 Medium
Susan Boyle's saggy boobs
What was Emery thinking putting Walcott on that early?
Cunning Stunts TM
British are coming