Pilgrim, Kennington Sun, Dec 09 2018 19:30

Two Teams Tied For The Win! Jackpot Won!

Rita S

What an enthusiastic night at The Pilgrim! First of all, we had had 9 fantastic teams in the house - everyone was cheerful and happy to applaud their fellow players, so the atmosphere was lively. There was also quiz-related drama! Two teams, "Two Can Be As Bad As One" and the Christmas Balls (short for: "Has Anyone Got Any Balls For My Christmas Bush") scored 34 points and sent representatives to battle it out in a fierce game of True or False. Christmas Balls won by one point - close indeed! - but their opponents weren't done! Not only did they ace the closest to jackpot question (their answer, 56 countries that still use capital punishment, was - pardon the pun - dead on the money), but then they won the jackpot itself! The entire room cheered when the final card was shown to be correct - we haven't seen so much excitement in ages. An honourable mention goes to "Quizzly Bears", who managed to snag the bottle of wine with 24.5 points, and were very vocal about applauding others (as was their sister team, "Shaft Or Shadow"). Thank you all, see you next week!

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