Pilot, Chiswick Sun, Jul 29 2018 19:30

A Question Of Blue Blood

Richard L

What is the colour of un-oxygenated blood, was one of the questions at The Pilot's Sunday night quiz. Answer blue! One quiz team member suggested that this was wrong and had been proven to be such. Temporary quizmaster Richard Linton suggested that blue would be the answer most people would suggest but the team member wasn't convinced! Richard said that if there was a situation in which this one question could decide the quiz a further discussion would take place but in the end, there was no need as another team won by a somewhat larger margin. Interesting question though and perhaps one worth researching.
No jackpot winner this week, so next Sunday £46 will be available and can be won by a turn or two of the cards. Why not join us - great food too and the quiz starts at 7:30 pm.

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