Plough Thu, Feb 01 2018 20:30

Crowd Klick Off After Schoolboy Error From Quizmaster

Peter C

Well what can I least I managed to survive 3 weeks as quizmaster of The Plough before making a complete idiot of myself in front of a large room of onlooking quizzers.

We were 30 questions in, everything was going swimmingly, when I asked the players to tell me what name the US military would give to a distance of 1km. I thought I should rephrase for clarity so then asked “how long is a klick?” Needless to say it was a matter of seconds before the crowd (not so) politely informed me of my error.

Thankfully Ploughgoers are a forgiving bunch. I hastily referred to a substitute question, and we laughed off my error as one big happy quizzing family.

Special shout out this week goes to Ruairi. After placing dead last in the quiz, he guessed closest on the tiebreaker to play higher or lower in the hope of taking home an eye-watering £10 jackpot. He lost after the first card. Best of luck next week my friend!

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