Plough Thu, Nov 08 2018 20:00

Drama In The Marking

Callan D

This is why we double check the marking of every team here at The Plough as our finale was a total turnaround.
2nd to last was a clear takeaway for "Matrick" with the house wine and it seemed "The Old Gits" were on course for a win. That was until the marks were double checked and it turned out "The Geraldatrix" (who were about to do a tiebreaker) were incorrectly marked down 3 points and they took the win outright from nowhere, winning £36 in cash. "The Old Gits" take the consolation Jammy Dodgers and the jackpot rolls over to next week.
So get down to The Plough, where if there’s more that play, there’s more to play for!!

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