Plough, Dulwich Thu, Oct 11 2018 20:00

'Has Anyone Actually Ever Won This?'

Celia L

The exact words spoken by the team captain right before they went on to win the jackpot during our weekly game of Higher or lower!!! What an exciting way to end my covers in this lovely venue. Lovelier still for "Team James", they only went and won a bottle of wine for coming second - to - last.. Washing down their sweet victory, or defeat (depending on how you look at it) in style!!

Congrats to team "Better Late Than Never" who, although arriving 15 minutes late, still managed to finish almost atop of the leader board, narrowly missing out on first place by just two points! A valiant effort!

And once again team "Not Ready Already" were the nights victors, winning their £52 in cash tonight!!

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