Plough Thu, Mar 08 2018 20:30

Higher or Lower Horror

Peter C

The fabled ‘Beast From The East’ has subsided and now feels like a distant memory as normal quizzing service resumed this Thursday at The Plough.

The majority of our 34-strong crowd were left stunned, however, as ‘Sliding Down Roger’s Bannister’ cruised to a staggering 48/50(!!!), a full 6 points clear of their nearest competitors to take home the £58 jackpot in what was a tough week of questions.

First shoutout of the week goes to the unnamed good Samaritan who donated a single chupa-chup lolly as the second place prize instead of the usual Jammie Dodgers provided by absent regulars 'Not Ready Already' - you sir are a true champion.

And secondly I must acknowledge poor old Josh, who lived out every Plough quizzers worst nightmare. Drawn a 5 first up in this week’s edition of ‘higher or lower’, he naturally elected to go higher. This was then followed by a second 5, meaning Josh fell at the first hurdle and returned home empty handed - we’re all thinking of you my friend...

Come down next week and see if you can do any better!

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