Plough, Dulwich Thu, Feb 16 2017 20:30

I am not prepared...

Shaun B

Without doubt the biggest maddest quiz i have ever done. Bigger than most small countries. 60 punter and 16 teams. So much so we ran out of picture sheets.
Luckily new GM hayley was sitting down to play and was able to print more, happy days! Pot was a whopping £95, with an £80 tollover game to boot, BOTH WON!
3 ROUNDS OF Tie breakers, in second to last and a three way tie for first (shock horror not including reigning champs the NRA!).
First place tiebreaker was a draw, which needed another question, this time Alternative facts emerging as clear winners. By this stage i had run out of tie breakers and so began an epic battle of pitch and toss against the bar for the rollover game. That was won by an incredible , almost unbeatable shot by THE PRUNERS!! AND they managed to pick up the right mapkin with WINNER written on it to win a £80 rollover, reseting that to £10 for next week. Really enjoyed the last three weeks in the plough. What a great venue and quizzing atmosphere. I am a soggy bag of skin now needs to go to bed. Night guys

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