Plough Thu, Jan 25 2018 20:30

‘Just Sack Pete’ Trump Their Opponents on Day of International Summit

Peter C

A tough set of questions provided a highly competitive contest at The Plough this week. ‘Just Sack Pete’ ran out eventual winners by a mere 2 points from usual suspects ‘Not Ready Already’ to take home the big prize for a second consecutive week. There was awkwardness all round as not a single contestant could name The Selkirk Grace as the prayer traditionally said at a Burns’ night supper, meaning a second question had to be used in order for someone to eventually claim a free drink. Hopefully our contestants will have their fingers on the buzzer next week, otherwise I’ll be returning home late once more!

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Just Sack Pete
Not Ready Already
Dr Quiztian Will See You Now
1 English Teacher and 3 Dyslexics
Sorry My Mind’s Gone Blank