Plough, Dulwich Thu, Sep 27 2018 20:00

(New) Blood Everywhere

Keith H

I love waltzing into another host's venue, me. I'm ever so curious about how the other 99% live. And I found a lovely place. It's a glorious mix of established teams and people who've taken the time to drop in for the crack, and a few who seemed to be testing the water, and what fun it was! Lots of well-stocked minds in the room - some better stocked that they had thought, possibly. Some teams very consistent, some taken a little on the hop by their first encounter with the more -erm-lateral questions, but such a wonderful, varied, happy room. And, since "Winnie and Ed" who, having won the Jammy Dodgers, had the good grace not to win the jackpot, that creeps up to £40. I've seen them go to hundreds in some venues. All hail the all-round grasp of "Not Ready Already" who took home the major prize (or spent it before they went home), "Celendine" (on their first appearance?) who were shrewd to win a tie-break for wine. Now the thing is: The more people who come, the bigger the main prize (and the faster the jackpot grows). The more mixed your team the better you do, so it follows. The more you come back, and the more friends you bring, the more fun all sorts of people might have. ;) I had a lot of fun. Thank you for having me.

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